Operations and Maintenance Digital Strategy- How are some Facility Management companies getting it right?

Aug 25

Hello everyone!

Over the last few months i have had the pleasure to closing observing and working with some of the top Facilities Management companies across MENA, India and UK. 

I have observed some close similarities when it comes to their approach on initiating and enabling Digital Transformation particularly around Operations and Maintenance, shift to Data Driven Maintenance from routine Planned Preventive Maintenance regime etc.

With this short blog i intend to share the key success recipe and some pointers for you and your teams to brainstorm on. Ready?

  • Owning the solution

They are focusing on building an overall architecture, connecting the dots from short term to long term perspective.

  • Well defined use cases

Successful FM companies are working on very specific use cases, it's like taking a Ground Zero approach and having a 30,000 FT view as well.

  • The Platform

Selecting a generic platform, building further on it and then opening it up. Ideally all your data should be at one place, owned and controlled by the FM.

  • Integrate Applications

They are allowing niche applications to integrate and offer value. You get the best out of everyone and are not committed to a single player.

  • Shared Risks and Rewards

CIO/CDO Work in close collaboration with the "Business". Both own the rewards and the risks.

More importantly, top Facility Management companies act fast, make mistakes, learn and improvise again.

What’s your winning strategy?

Best Regards,

Umesh Bhutoria