Re-Imagining CRE FM Contracts

Apr 24

Hi Again,

Now as you can clearly see that as a result of working under the not so "Business As Usual" scenario, I’ve had some time to go back to writing and share some of my thoughts around the Commercial Real Estate and Facilities Management sector in general.

Hoping you enjoy the candid and kind of original thoughts which are inspired by conversations with a number of prospects and clients across multiple geographies.

If you have any feedback, suggestion or would like to be part of the conversation please do feel free to write to me at umesh(at)energytechventures(dot)com(dot)au.

One of the certain implication of post Covid19 scenario is the need to redesign and reimagine the existing Facility and Asset Management contracts.

This is going to be inspired by need to manage costs and also as a measure to adequately be prepared on the digital front (should such a thing ever happen again, hope it never does).

Here are some of my key picks, these are 5 points that i think will emerge in times to come:-

  • Reliable and Cost Effective Software Support

Incumbent software companies will face the heat, now more than ever no one will like to pay for features that they don't use!

  • Shift to Data Driven Maintenance.

not everyone will still move to predictive maintenance or operations in general, but most will like to have some sort of data driven mechanism going in now!

  • Higher Investments on Data Analytics.

Relevance of having right insights, on demand will go up. Along with that investments on upskilling workforce will find more speed.

  • Centralised Service Delivery Model

Having been in the reckoning for some time now, centralised service delivery model will emerge again.

  • Leveraging Strengths.

Wider collaboration between start-ups -start-ups and start-ups-incumbents likely, niche comes back in focus.

Your list and thoughts?

Yours Sincerely,

Umesh Bhutoria (aka Omi)