Say no to inflexible and expensive BMS analytics software NOW!

Apr 24

Hello Friends,

How are you?

As I write this blog, I have some exciting news to share with you. #Omi the #AI enabled personal data analytics assistant for O&M Engineers and Energy Managers was released last week. We have now had early sign ups and users from USA, UK, UAE and India. Visit now and get started!

Alright, coming back to the objective of writing this blog. Most of the Facility Management teams have put up with inflexible and expensive BMS analytics software for ages. As a result of the recent crisis, few gaps have been exposed wide open.

  • Inflexibility will not work- Fact that you cannot migrate your BMS data, use it the way you want and make the analysis you want is not justified, more so in current times.


  • Why pay more- Alternatives (better and cost effective) are available, as your FM contracts comes under cost optimisation lens, you should now look out to replace the existing analytics packages, addons you have installed.


  • Agility- You will need tools that you once thought you may not need, your analytics software partner (as against to vendor) will have to include those at speed and scale. 

We are opening up the #InsightsaaS challenge, we will demonstrate how #InsightsaaS is the software you need to manage effectively managed data driven O&M and sustainability decisions across your portfolio, at fraction of your current cost! You can send me an email at umesh(at)energytechventures(dot)com(dot)au and we will pick up the discussion at speed.

Best of luck

Yours Analytically,

Umesh Bhutoria (aka Omi)