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EnView is a fully managed SaaS product that comes with monitoring and reporting tools which deliver proactive alerts & call to actions on ways to lower energy costs.


Energy Management

Get timely alerts on change in consumption pattern, insights into predictions on monthly spend. Helping your customer keep the energy costs under control.

Empowering Customers

Monthly reports with details on energy/resource, change in consumption pattern and list of action areas all designed to help your customer be more aware and empowered!

Demand Management

The system provides insight on when and by how much is demand likely to exceed the max/contract demand. Giving the user at least 2-3 hours to respond and save on any penalties. How would not love that?


Beyond Electricity

Connect data for different energy sources like Electricity, Chilled Water, and Natural Gas, etc.

Behind the meter, the way it should be!

EnView can be integrated with data sources like BMS, EMS or independent IoT sensors installed at client premises...

DIY Tools

Access to a host of DIY tools covering use cases such as Asset Utilization, Energy Forecasting and assets like Motors, Pumps, and Fans, etc.

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