Freequently Asked Questions

What is Insights-as-a-Service?

It is a fully managed services stack that provides actionable insights to operations team helping them make decisions on lowering energy/asset related operating costs.

How does it work?

Insights-as-a-Service leverages existing data assets like Building Management Systems, Energy Monitoring Systems (via connectors), automate the processing of data for multiple use cases and provides a call to actions to operations team.

How does it connect to BMS?

Insights-as-a-Service needs IP Specific and read only access to the Database of BMS. If the client wishes it could create a parallel database and provide access of the same.

Does Insights-as-a-Service collect data from Data Loggers?

Yes, provided it allows data transfer via open communication protocols. If IP specific access is not available to the data logger then the client may need to install a local server which would be used to collect data from data loggers and transmit it back to our cloud servers.

Can Insights-as-a-Service be hosted on-premise?

Typically, We host the application on our cloud servers. Hosting on-premise can be done for clients with multiple licenses at an additional cost.

How many data points can be connected to Insights-as-a-Service?

We do not charge on data points; annual subscription of Insights-as-a-Service covers integration with up to 3 different data sources/ databases irrespective of the number of data points that are available.

Do you guarantee savings on the deployment of Insights-as-a-Service?

Over a 3-year installation period, we anticipate Energy Efficiency/ Productivity improvement by up to 15% and reduction in planned preventive maintenance requirements (manual) by 40% over a 3-year period.

Considering that the impetus of acting on the insights lies on the client, we do not guarantee savings, however we certainly work closely with the team to help them derive maximum value from the system.

What use cases are covered using Insights-as-a-Service?

The insights-as-a-service application covers all major use cases like Energy Management, Anomaly Detection, Condition Based Monitoring, Asset Utilisation and Predictive Maintenance.

Do you provide any onsite support?

Onsite support is not envisaged for Insights-as-a-Service deployment. Client needs to provide access to the network or local servers via TeamViewer or similar application. Offsite support will be provided between Monday to Friday 10.00 am to 5.00 PM Indian Standard Time.

Training programme/Capacity Building exercised could be conducted for the XYZ team post-deployment, EnergyTech Ventures will not charge for the same. Logistics such as Travel, Boarding/Stay etc. has to be arranged by the client.

Can Insights-as-a-Service be connected to other applications like ERP etc?

We can provide specific APIs, allowing interaction of 3rd party applications with Insights-as-a-Service at additional cost.