May 13

Can Facilities Management companies be the new Digital ESCOs?

Over the last few years, Facilities Management and utility sector companies have been expressing deeper interest in Energy Services.
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Nov 15

Smart Buildings & Facility Management

There goes a lot of planning and work behind the scene to keep a commercial facility running smoothly and efficiently. The whole focus to create a comfortable and productive environment, while also reducing operational risks. With the adoption of the IoT and connected technologies, the landscape of facility management has changed drastically.
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Feb 05

Energy Management key to the future for IFMS

My Colleague, Sumit, shared a link of an article by Frost & Sullivan...
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Jan 23

Energy- The Double Edged sword for IFMS

Facility Management is a tough space to be in, and it's going to get tougher in coming times...
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Jun 14

Build Vs. Buy or Both?

During the last 6 months, we had interacting with service providers (Utilities, Facility Managers, O&M companies) on how they are looking to using data analytics at different stages as one of ...
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May 23

Classic example of how BMS data can be leveraged beyond the “obvious” Energy Analytics

There are contracts when IFMS companies carry either Energy Risk or Asset Risk...
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