Making you feel vulnerable? Perhaps it's time to dump the "dashboard"

Nov 24


Weekends are usual "Podcast" days for me, this weekend i heard a podcast on delighting customers by aesthetic intelligence (You can access it here-

Having been involved in the analytics, i could not help but think about how "dashboards" have been oversold and have had a negative impact on how the O&M workforce looks at such products.

What is supposed to make life convenient for them, ends up making it more difficult. What is supposed to help save time, ends up in making them spend more time.

As the Facility Management and Commercial Real Estate sector as a whole is in the middle of a transformation (Digital and otherwise), one can see and feel the need of keeping the O&M workforce at the centre of all such progressive efforts.

Some questions that we keep asking ourselves when we include or even think of adding a feature in Insights-as-a-Service (Complete O&M analytics software for Commercial Real Estate).

  1. How does it help save time?
  2. Can they use it with least effort?
  3. How does it provide relevant answers and not pose open questions?
  4. How can it free them from sitting in front of dashboards
  5. How can it help them move around and yet have all the information they need?

Facility Management and Asset Management companies should realise that the contracts they manage are long term and not everything that starts slow ends up slow. But it is certain that almost everything that will start fast will end up slowing down your business.

Your thoughts?

Best Regards,