How much is too much? (Have we gone overboard with real time data?)

Sep 30


Came across this really interesting article from Evrim on LinkedIn. The article talks about why multi project environments fail? (more often than not).

While the article is from the perspective of Commercial Real Estate /Facilities Management operations, but holds true for all industries/sectors.

This article made be nostalgic and reflect back on one of the most successful assignments (perhaps not) I was involved in during my consulting days. 

During my consulting days we were managing (for a single client with 8 manufacturing locations)  investments on Energy Efficiency projects. Our task was to automate M&V, provide a faceless system which could track the overall effectiveness/returns of the investments made at group level.

We did amazingly well for the C-Suite. There was enough clarity on KPIs etc, all that was fine, we just made one big blunder. That was not to bring in persona based approach, skipped the important part of how energy engineers or O&M folks would respond to constant surveillance (real time data!).

I think that was a great learning, when "focusing on jobs to be done concept" we can really make things work.  Glad that we have finally used some of these learnings as we develop Insights-as-a-Service, trust me it's still a long way to go. 

How much is too much, when it comes to real time data? That's a hard question we all have to answer, else the community would just loose interest in all that's promising and can work for everyone!

Your thoughts?

Best Regards,