Redefining Facilities Operations and Maintenance Practices

Jul 12

Whats the word that comes to mind when we think of redefining or changing the current facilities/buidlings O&M practice? "Digitalisation" isn't it? 

This morning i somehow came across a thought on reversing the mind set and looking at how we can use what we have currently have (Data Assets), build momentum (and capacity), invest further in filling the Data Gap and then going on to achieve the overall objective of redefining the current O&M practice.

The reason i say "reversing the mind set", as most people think that investing in accuiring more data is the first step when that is clearly not the starting point.

Facilities/Property Management companies will play a great role in driving these strategies for CRE (Commercial Real Estate) owners and onus clearly lies on them to get it right.

Your thoughts?

Best Regards,

Umesh Bhutoria