Classic example of how BMS data can be leveraged beyond the obvious Energy Analytics

May 23

There are contracts when IFMS companies carry either Energy Risk or Asset Risk and at times they carry both. Hence the feedback loop to BMS (in terms of set points) should take that into account and attempt to strike a balance between the two when it comes to conflicting points.

Chiller Network Optimisation- Dynamic feedback to BMS Set Points!

In the graphic above we have shown a real case scenario for a network for 5 chillers (all of the same capacity).

Case 1: Denotes the response that the current BMS logic gives in managing supply for a fixed demand for refrigeration.


Case 2: shows how improved logic (taking into account the actual operating load curve, the optimum trade-off between EnPI Index and CU%) can allow the network to run almost at the same Energy Consumption level, delivering the same amount of refrigeration but with 1 less chiller in operation! Well, that’s adding on to the asset life and directly impacts the bottom line of the IFMS companies.

Managing P&L for key accounts in an automated way, mitigating Energy risk and Asset risk is key to doing that.

Insights-as-a-Service stack from EnergyTech Ventures helps IFMS companies to do just that!

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