Idea of transforming CRE Operations & Maintenance practice!

Oct 22


Last week i was in Bangalore, met quite a few of real estate developers and some of the leading Facilities Management/ Asset Management companies. It was interesting to learn that each one of them have a different take on how #Digitalisation can transform the current operations and maintenance practices.

Pillars of the transformation are hinged around:-

  • Reduced O&M costs 
  • Efficient and Sustainable Operations
  • Amazing Customer Experience

We have significant momentum (that keeps getting stronger as we speak) to leverage data and technology in redefining the way Facilities Management companies operate facilities/commercial real estate.

Last week, i read a blog that spoke about the Wishlist of Lendlease and their expectations from smart buildings technology.  They have been able to articulate well that we have a number of solution providers that provide niche solutions, opportunity and the challenge lies in integrating all of them.

As we develop Insights-as-a-Service , we continue to think on how best can we enhance our offering by improving our core value proposition and also integrate with other software to provide a seamless and true transformation.

Imagine if there is an issue (or about to develop) with an asset and the following steps happen in a sequence, seamlessly!

  • O&M team gets proactive notification on issue/opportunity, with all validation checks done with audit trail.
  • Along with the notification, links to relevant user manuals, O&M manuals and asset information are provided (leveraging different data assets)
  • Site inspection by team, ordering of specific parts (in-app) from inventory or preferred suppliers
  • Resolution on issue of material
  • Auto tracking of effectiveness (of the intervention done)
  • Automated report issued on closure of the issue/addressing the opportunity

I am not quite convinced that all of it can be done with greater ease, confidence and accuracy by a single player but certainly can be made possible by an integrated approach, "Network of Capabilities" as we call it at EnergyTech Ventures.

What’s your idea of digital transformation for CRE (commercial real estate) operations?

Best Regards,