On Demand - Demand Forecast, Commercial Real Estate

May 01

Stimulation is used quite well at design stage. As buildings and facilities tend to move on from day 1, most stimulations do not hold true for various reasons, right from handover to the changes done post the handover process.

There is a significant need for on demand "demand forceast" that builds take a bottom-up approach as against to to-down approach, it not only helps O&M teams to keep a track of what should be the value of Key Performance Indicators, also use it to effectively demonstrate to customer how a demand side management excercise may yield savings.

One of the other use case for such a tool is to know in advance what capacity does the CRE property have to respond to a grid event (demand response).

Super excited that we are releasing dynamic calculators that forecast key performance indicators for AHUs and other HVAC asset class.

To see how it works request a demo at www.enview.com.au or email me at umesh(at)energytechventures(dot)com(dot)au

Happy Forecasting,

Umesh Bhutoria.