Why InsightsaaS will be the default operational analytics software for the Commercial Real Estate Sector

Sep 06


Insights-as-a-Service (#InsightsaaS) as a product has a long way to go but what's setting it apart from other "similar" products (hard to differentiate when visualisation is analytics for a lot of people!) are the following few points.

This is something that has come out from the host of demos, trials and number of sales conversations we have had with the #FacilitiesManagement and #CRE sector community at large.

1. Focused- Solving one problem at a time

It's easy to get carried away and say there can be a single piece of software that can solve everything from Energy to Maintenance to Operations to Inventory management etc.

We as a team are committed to solving one problem at a time, something that is a significant contributor to the operational costs that goes in managing facilities. 

2. Niche area, leveraging domain experience + technology

Building on the work we have done in the energy sector/ productivity optimisation etc, we are leveraging all of that to provide a solution that solves a genuine problem and is easy to implement without needing any additional time/effort from your time.

Imagine your team having to do all the work on data, create models etc, while your solution provider only gives you good looking graphs, now where is the change in status quo in that? That's like shifting the time you/your team used to spend on excel sheets to spending time on a fancy platform!

3. End outcomes, customer success and not #AI #ML

No one every buys technology?, we use them to help us do things in a way that's Faster, Better, Effective or even cheaper at times! With #InsightsaaS team EnergyTech Ventures has clear objective of aligning the use of software and it's benefits to your business KPIs. 

For example to #ESCOs in #MiddleEast reducing operational spend (improving bottom-line) is a short term immediate priority and gaining edge (having product + service) is medium to long term priority.

If you are looking to leverage data and technology in a way that you have speed to market, has least disruptions to your existing operations and offers you a predictable pathway for consistent improvisations, #InsightsaaS is just the right operational analytics software for you/your team!

Want to see it in action? Test it on your most challenging site? We are up for it! Email us at connect@enview.com.au and we shall be swift to help you get started!

Yours Sincerely,

Umesh Bhutoria