Product Update, Insights-as-a-Service, Operational Analytics Software for Commercial Real Estate

Jul 26


Some interesting updates and additions happening to Insights-as-a-Service, there could not be a better time to share the developments with you. If you have any feedback or suggestions for us, please do connect with us, will be keen to engage.

Whats coming in the new couple of updates?

  • Personal Energy/Asset Manager

People engaged in Operations & Maintenance (O&M) do not have a lot of time to spend on dashboards or reading through reports. Insights-as-a-Service in it's current avatar gives them actionable insights, that covers specific contextual information needing very little time for additional analysis.

We are going a step further to enable conversation between O&M teams and InsightsaaS. Through Omi (In App Personal Energy/Asset Manager), we will be able to provide specific information/insights on demand and in minimum possible turn around time. 

So if you have questions like which asset needs maintenance, how is AHU 5C performing you can give Omi a try and he will certainly not disappoint.

  • Coverage of additional assets

Expanding InsightsaaS beyond HVAC assets/network, we are adding following assets:-

  1. Motors
  2. Pumps
  3. Transformers
  4. DG Sets

Clearly, there is no reason to have multiple platforms and to also not leverage all data assets. Go ahead, add a few more sensors and meters, Insights-as-a-Service can now take it all.

  • Mobile APP

IOS and Android version of the mobile app is being released in August. Push notifications on key alerts/action items along with some of the tools that O&M teams always wish they had it handy. From HVAC optimization tool to motor analysis, all is available in the first version of the application.

Mobile APP will be available even for companies/individuals who are not currently using Insights-as-a-Service. Stay tuned at for release details.

Since the limited release of the application back in November 2018 we have had the opportunity to deploy the software across CRE sites covering 11M+ Sq Ft in India, Australia and UAE. 

Team at EnergyTech Ventures is driven by the vision of getting 1000s of blue collared workforce in the #FM industry to the right side of technology, enable them with tools that can help them with opportunities which many think would remain closed for them in times to come. 

Yours Sincerely,

Umesh Bhutoria