Potential Use Case - Linking CAFM CMMS data with IoT #BMS data for Chiller Network Optimisation

Oct 12


Now that I am done with Air Handling Units (AHUs) (for the time being), decided to dive into chiller network operations.

Over half a dozen of algorithms have found their way to Insightsas-a-Service, completely automating performance analysis of Air Handling Units.  

There are many different ways in which Energy Engineers or Energy Managers like to analyse or review energy performance of an asset. One such way is to look at the performance curves. With Insights-as-a-Service performance curves can be created on demand and/or in reference to key events (like maintenance).

Key questions for you/your O&M or Engineering team

1. Do you look at performance curves?

2. How often do you need it?

3. Do you get it conveniently?

Click here to access the document, check on the benefits of levearging existing data.

If you have any suggestions, feedback or want to give Insights-as-a-Service a try, please email us at sales(at)energytechventures(dot)com(dot)au.

Yours Efficiently,

Umesh Bhutoria.