Key Takeaways from RISE Conference 2019

Jul 15

To be honest, this was my first International event and I was extremely overwhelmed by the fact that I had an opportunity to represent EnergyTechVentures on an international platform. Generally, excitement and anxiety don't go hand in hand but in my case, I had mixed feelings.

As I entered the convention center I put on my learning cap & was prepared for the exciting conversations & experience sharing. Here are some of my key learnings

1) Be bold and clear:

If you are confident about your product the efforts that you have put into it then don't shy away from expressing it loud and clear. Your body language should reflect what you think about your product.

2) Don't invent the problem:

We all get provoked by digital technologies and applications but that doesn't mean every application has a business need. If you are the only player working on a particular problem that could mean you are visionary or simply stupid. be critical while assessing the problem and make sure there is a reasonable business opportunity for the solution.

3) Age of Collaboration is ahead of us:

As we are moving towards a shared economy a lot of things need to be reexamined when we talk about transparency, open sourcing & co-creating an ecosystem. Guy Diedrich, Global Innovation officer at Cisco systems was talking about the world's first fully automated port built on Cisco's Hyperconverged infrastructure. He credited IBM's Watson for providing processing power & intelligence to run the seamless operations. This wasn't possible without the collaboration of two majors.

Umesh Bhutoria says that such conferences are means to clear your perspective and revitalize your thought process. Indeed #RISEConf gave me that experience and I'll keep applying my learnings to add greater value to my work and life in general.

A learner (for life),

Sumit Nawathe