All that glitters is not GOLD & same might be true for your Analytics Dashboard

Nov 14

My career in energy spans over 10 years, pretty much most part of it has gone in helping organisations use Data wisely to meet company objectives. Earlier it was consulting to varied industrial sectors and now via Insights-as-a-Service specifically to the Commercial Real Estate /Facility Management sector.

When i look back in time, reflect on number of conversations we have had with customers, realise that few things have not changed, perhaps have only gone from bad to worse. 

Now as some of you might be aware that we are celebrating first anniversary of Insights-as-a-Service (most comprehensive O&M analytics software for CRE, request for a demo at here) and we wanted to share some of our learnings (on what goes into minds of different stakeholders) within the wider CRE/FacMan community. 

  • I have already have a dashboard!

Wonderful, so you have already been sold analytics (not the way it should have happened) and that is still a good start. But having dashboards in today's age is just not good enough for two reasons:-

1) most of the blue collared work force is not skilled enough (on data analytics), hence may not be able to make any decision by looking at all the amazing visualisation.

2) It is actually working against the business objective of having "higher productivity", you already have teams looking at BMS (Building Management Systems) screens and now give them a few more dashboards to look at.

How does it help meet your company objective whether you are a CRE Owner/Manager or a Facility Management company?

  • We are using a similar product

I fear this the most. Best way to compare different solutions (which can be a software product, a service or evening a combination) is by aligning them on how they help you meet your company objectives and then look at some of the aspects like Technology Roadmap, Future Strategies etc.

On the face of it every analytics product is the same, it performs "Analytics", but what's critical is what more it does to deliver business objectives in a manner that’s Faster, Better and most cost effective.

  • Give us a 1 month trial

Showing improvements on operational energy efficiency standards, improving team's productivity and helping you give a predictable path to shift from Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) regime to Predictive Maintenance, if all this could have been shown in a month there is something terribly wrong!

Remember it's not just about the software, it is as good as the evolution in the workflow practices, give it more time. If you are in for trialling multiple products, give them all time but a different sites. This will help you evaluate and the best decision on going forward.

Your thoughts?