Saving Time ( and with it money)-Biggest Challenge for Facility Management in 2018,2019 and 2020?

Nov 15

I was browsing through some of the blogs that spoke about biggest challenges for Facility Management (in the past and currently). Saving Time (and with it money) was the common feature in all such publications. I do not think it would be unwise to keep the prediction on for the next year(s) as well.

The inherent design of the workflow, choice of technology, softwares (vendor driven, top down approach) have all systematically contributed to widen the service delivery lag and overall productivity of Facility Management firms.

Some of things that i look for (while visiting a new site or talking to FM teams) evaluating the improvement potential:-

  1. What person hours go for monitoring BMS?
    • What percentage of it really helps in shifting from reactive to practive enagement?
    • What percentage of it goes to evaluate a help desk call?
  2. How many people get involved / how much time gets utilised in the fault to fix process?
    • Relay of information (From A to B to C so on and so forth)
    • Time it takes to pin point reasons for fault, what to address?
    • Time it to takes to search for manuals, task/checklist recommendations?
    • Time it takes to do a detailed M&V for the entire task, how effective was it? Benefit to the client?
    • Time to it takes to make that report, share with all stakeholders?

To be fair, most do not have these figures worked out. That's an excercise one must do for all sites being managed by your team. You will be mighty surprised and inspired to take some action.:)

For us this at the core of Insights-as-a-Service design, it's not just a software or pieces of code that we are writing, we are embracing the core processes and problems that the Facility Management sector and the O&M workforce has, providing a solution that is Faster, Better and Cost Effective in comparison to everything else that is available in the market.

Insights-as-a-Service can release upto 30% of the "person hours" that you utilise at any of your sites while helping your client save money on energy and helping you give an unparalled experience to your customers.

Ready to throw us a challenge? We are up for it.

Yours Digitally,

Umesh Bhutoria.