When the dust settles, we should all come out stronger!

Apr 17

Hello Everyone,

I am hoping that you are staying strong, safe and sound during these trying times. Everyone at EnergyTech Ventures is safe.

Have been wanting to write this blog for a long time now, but to be honest I have been as surprised and as caught up as you would have been. All that's happened to our world in the last few days and months has really shattered the status quo, like many of you, I am an optimist too and I believe that all of this will end one day, we will (and have to) find new ways to get back to what many call "new normal".

There are things that we cannot control (like the current situation), but what can influence is how we emerge out of this situation, so that when all of this ends we do come out stronger.

I am not sure and certain at this point in time as to how the Facility Management landscape will change or evolve. But there is an element of certainty that the use of data and analytics in general will go up, this is perhaps the moment that causes a paradigm shift in the way Facility Management companies look at their Data Strategy.

Pillars of that strategy from O&M perspective are the O&M engineers and Energy Managers. My request to them is to get started NOW! As you have time and space to learn new skills, try out new tools and look at the CSV sheets or data logs that you once ignored.

All of it will come back and help you when the dust settles, it will have some insight that you had perhaps missed or not thought of earlier.

At EnergyTech Ventures we have released Omi- AI enabled personal assistant for Energy Managers and O&M Engineers, the chatbot allows O&M engineers and Energy Managers to bring the CSV sheets to life and have analysis done on demand. With this they can not only make better decisions and but we far more reassuring about the future.

You can visit omi.outdoplus.io to access the beta version. Do share the link within the community and anyone who you think can benefit from this. 

It's a humble start, we are committed to improve and make a difference. If you have any suggestions, thoughts or feedback, please email me at umesh(at)energytechventures(dot)com(dot)au.

Stay Safe. Stay strong.

Yours Analytically,

Umesh (aka Omi)